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Friday, April 29, 2022

Poem a Day 29: X marks a spot . . .

X marks a spot on the map, 
perchance more 
than arriving at a destination, 
a meandering toward the end,
really, a whole month 
of a form of meditation,
writing poetry, 
trying to define the unknown,
x-related, not x-rated,
unexpectedly connecting to endless skies
and those I love, 
all as the earth turns,
another day, 
another mark on the calendar,
and, for now, spring.

Only one more day left in this month-long challenge to write a poem each day. Somewhat at random, I found a lovely site that posted A to Z prompts for this  month. I'm a little late, though very appreciative of having found a few words this morning. May will begin with a return to story writing, and just maybe, I'm ready!

Thank you for reading, for being a part of my blog. Are you ready for May? 

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  1. How DO you do it. Your poems always teach, always have viable direction and interest. I love the picture of the lion!