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2020 marked the beginning of two new books -- a romantic suspense novel and a chapbook of poetry! Click on the highlighted link to explore.

The Seventh Tapestry. When precious artifacts go missing at the Museum of Medieval Art in Edinburgh, Sandra Robertson, a newly hired curator, is immediately under suspicion. But, when she's asked to help find out who's involved, Sandra ignores her attraction to Neil McDonnell, art crimes investigator assigned to the case, and gets to work. After a priceless 16th Century tapestry goes missing, what will they risk to recover the missing artifacts, stop the thefts, and find out who's behind a series of mysterious deaths? 

Poetry in a Time of PandemicOn March 6, 2020, the Coronavirus became real to our family, and we began to self-quarantine, later called ‘stay-at-home’. A few poems emerged during this first month. On April 1, National Poetry Month began, and Robert Lee Brewer, of Writer’s Digest fame, began his PAD (poem a day) Challenge. This began my personal goal to write a poem each day. Here you’ll find poems that may make you laugh, think about places and times far from today – from Giza to the Old West, and poems that affirm the beauty of each day.

History influences all that I write. These next three books, a family saga, are set in the 1840s of Scotland, Australia, and Canada. The Island Wife, a sequel, is in progress -- to be published later in 2021!

Standing Stones
When Lord Gordon claims his estate in the Orkney Islands in 1841, he evicts tenant farmers (crofters) to make room for sheep. Mac protests the evictions, despite the impact his actions will have on his three brothers, Dougal, Colin, and Jamie -- and his sister, Moira. 
When their cottage is torn down and their boat confiscated, how will the McDonnell's survive? 

Years of Stone.
Transported for protesting evictions in the Orkney Islands, Mac McDonnell faces a seven year sentence. Alone, uncertain of the future, Mac is surprised when Deidre Scott, his fiancĂ©, follows him to Van Diemen's Land in 1840's Australia. 
Deidre is determined to help Mac, but at what cost? Both face challenges beyond their wildest expectations and fears in this rough and tumble penal colony. 

In Rivers of Stone, Catriona disguises herself as a boy to join the Hudson’s Bay Company and follow her husband, Dougal McDonnell, during the fur trade era in the 1840's. Once in Canada, Dougal is sent west to Fort Vancouver with the fur brigade, but Cat remains behind. Can they be reunited? Will they achieve the dreams that brought them to the wilderness? 

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