Beth's Mysteries

Perhaps we are always intrigued by mysteries, by wanting to know what happens next. For some reason, I'm drawn to write gritty tales, whether police procedurals or art crime mysteries. 


AVAILABLE NOW: The Seventh Tapestry: An Art Crimes MysteryThe Seventh Tapestry came from my love of a very special set of tapestries dubbed The Lady and the Unicorn, which we visited at the Musée de Cluny in Paris. I still remember taking in the beauty of these six tapestries and wondering . . . what if there were a seventh tapestry?   

When precious artifacts go missing at the Museum of Medieval Art in Edinburgh, Sandra Robertson, a newly hired curator, is immediately under suspicion. When she's asked to work with Neil McDonnell, the art crimes investigator assigned to the case, Sandra sets aside her attraction to him and gets to work. But, after a priceless 16th Century tapestry goes missing, what will they Sandra and Neil risk to recover the missing artifacts, stop the thefts, and find out who's behind a series of mysterious deaths? CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY!

IN PROGRESS (Estimated release 2026): The Lost Sarcophagus, An Art Crimes Mystery. Sandra and Neil are sent to Cairo to help the Director of the Egyptian Museum find out what's behind an alarming increase in lost antiquities. How dangerous will this new case be?


IN PROGRESS (Estimated release 2025): Unleashed Pursuit. After her best friend is killed during an undercover operation, Officer Cat Russo is put on suspension. Roughed up by bad guys and warned by her mentor at the Seattle Police Department to leave town, she goes on the run, uncertain where she can safely hide. She can’t hide the bruises, but they help her get a job at a small café where she will be off the grid – for now.  

Cat is determined to find out who is responsible for Sophie’s death, but what is she willing to risk, when she meets the local sheriff and his dog and falls in love with both?

AVAILABLE NOW: Mothers Don't Die. When Laura and Ron Lattimer take a long-awaited camping trip with their five-year-old daughter, Kerry Anne, in eastern Washington, they discover the body of a young woman, wrapped in black plastic and bound with rope. Their camping trip is over.

Despite Laura’s fears, Ron drives off alone to get help, but when he returns the next morning with two police officers, they find the tent and campground empty – no wife, no child, and no dead body. What will Laura do when she awakens to find herself and Kerry being driven to an unknown location? Click HERE to get your copy.

Let me know what you think! Send me your comments and enjoy reading.

Best, Beth