Wednesday, February 06, 2019

IWSG: February and back on the road

Maybe I moved around too much as a kid. Worse than an army brat. Attended maybe 8-9 different high schools -- and as many colleges. I always dreamed of settling down someday in one of those pretty little cottages behind a white picket fence. And then I met a man who loved to travel all over the world. That was over 40 years ago.

We can't rattle the suitcases at our house. Usually if one person says, "Let's go (doesn't matter where)," the other person will say, "Well . . . ." But at our house, if one of us says, "Let's go," the other person says, "Where are the suitcases?"

Tomorrow morning, January 28, we'll awake at 4:15 am to catch the first of three flights to Miami Beach, a short stop on our way to Seville, Spain, for a month-long stay, all of February. I'm taking my netbook, a few working files, and am more than ready to shake the snow off my boots, settle down on the patio, watch the birds fly from palm tree to palm tree, and write. With time off for an occasional coffee at one of those sidewalk cafes or a visit to a local museum.

If the Insecure Writer's Support Group question for February is: "What inspires you to write?" Then I can only answer this: When we're on the road, all that is non-essential seems to fall away. I gain distance to those issues that underlie my stories, and feel at home really just anywhere, as long as I can write.

That's my wish for you, regardless if you stay at home or write whenever or wherever you please. May you find the words that bring you joy.

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