Historical Fiction

I was fascinated when I learned about the Industrial Revolution in a college class called the Economic History of Great Britain. So many lives changed during the 19th Century. People lost their homes. Moved to fast-growing cities. Began working in new factories -- with no health and/or safety regulations to protect them. 

That question -- how did families survive? -- poked at my imagination until four books were written to help me explore what happened to one family as they lived through this turbulent era in Scotland, Australia, and Canada.

AISN B00I3RYFW6 (2014)

When Lord Gordon claims his estate in the Orkney Islands, Northern Scotland, in 1841, he evicts tenant farmers (crofters) to make room for sheep. Mac McDonnell protests the evictions, despite the impact his actions will have on his three brothers, Dougal, Colin, and Jamie -- and his sister, Moira. 

When their cottage is torn down and their boat confiscated, how will the McDonnell family survive? 
AISN: B00LF3FY4S (2014)

Transported 'over the seas' for protesting evictions on his island home, Mac McDonnell faces a seven year sentence. Alone, uncertain of the future, Mac is surprised when Deidre Scott, his fiancĂ©, follows him to Van Diemen's Land in 1840's Australia. 

Deidre is determined to help Mac, but at what cost? Both face challenges beyond their wildest expectations and fears in this rough and tumble penal colony. 

AISN: B077M1TFLP  (2017)

Catriona disguises herself as a boy to join the Hudson’s Bay Company and follow her husband, Dougal McDonnell, during the fur trade era in the 1840's. Once in Canada, Dougal is sent west to Fort Vancouver with the fur brigade, but Cat remains behind. 

Can they be reunited? Will they achieve the dreams that brought them to the wilderness? 

Scattered Stones 
AISN: B0B6WNNCSN (2022) 

Scotland, 1842. Lord Gordon’s evictions leave Dylan McDonnell no choice. He leaves his wife to seek work with the new railways, not knowing that she is pregnant with their first child. Desperate, Moira follows Dylan to Inverness, but he is no longer there. 

Will Dylan and Moira be reunited?   Discover the underlying strength that helps these two separated lovers survive turbulent times.

Writing these four books led me to travel to Scotland twice and across Canada to bring depth to my stories. I love the way the courage of individuals can overcome obstacles, whether external or internal, for we all face unexpected challenges.

Let me know if you enjoy reading historical fiction. 
Should I write another book in this series?


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