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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Poem a Day 10: Smell This . . .

Today Robert Brewer suggests we dive back into the senses to write a poem using 'smell' in some way. Check out more at Writer's Digest! I hope you enjoy.

Smell This!

Just sometimes, I'll enter a restaurant
or my kitchen, filled with want: 
the rich smells assault my nose;
I'm drawn right in, head to toes,
Mexican, Chinese, Indonesian, or Thai,
I do not question why
that first taste makes me get that suitcase out
ready for walkabout, guided by my snout.

In self-defense, it's not really about smell,
for that would be it's own hell,
to not see or taste? What a waste!
I invite you to come for just a taste,
when all else begins to unravel
and we can't quite travel,
I'll make a special dish
to satisfy your every wish
and we'll seek a simple bliss,
together, with all our senses unleashed,
we'll feed the beast.

Image by Matteo Orlandi from Pixabay

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