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Thursday, October 01, 2020

OctPoWriMo 1: Seeing Light

These days, even a walk in a Japanese garden 
turns worrisome when others come too close, 
as I glance to see if they’re wearing their masks.

All I want is to watch the colors in the leaves change
as the afternoon breeze lifts through this tiny garden,
and to take in the silence of the reflecting pool,
disturbed only by the ripple of a carp’s fin
as it turns about in waters soon cold.

If ever we needed light,
it is this hour, this day, these coming months
that seem to separate us all.
We’re facing into another year
when truly, everything is changing.
With hope and despair so closely balanced,
I slowly let go of what once was
and try to accept each day,
to cherish those moments
when the light flickers red and gold,
and the leaves fall.

October 1st is celebrated in England as National Poetry Day in England with the prompt Vision: See Like a Poet. 

Here in the states, OctPoWriMo, a challenge started by Morgan Dragonwillow,  asks writers to write a poem a day throughout the month. Today’s prompt gives us a starting point: Shining your light.

I shall try to meet this month-long challenge because just the process of writing a poem slows me down and makes me more observant about what I’m feeling and thinking about. That act of writing becomes almost a form of meditation, not a bad thing during these hard times of pandemic, uncontrollable wildfires, unemployment of a scale unheard of, hurricane season, and, lest we forget, politics – all against the backdrop of ordinary life.

Read more about National Poetry Day in England HERE and OctPoWriMo HERE. Why not join in? And that picture? Taken in nearby Manito Park's Japanese Garden where on sunny days, one can sit or stroll for a moment of peace.


  1. Beautiful poem and an excellent challenge!

  2. Take each day as it comes...there is so much to enjoy...there is so much to share in our poems...and I am looking forward to reading yours this month.