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Saturday, October 31, 2020

OctPoWriMo 31: Dance the ghouls in . . .

Dance the ghouls in
for tonight is Halloween,
though there's one ghoul in particular,
that one with the lined face,
floppy red hair and red eyes,
grasping hands and greedy mouth,
I would love to dance right out.

This night is not like all other nights:
We won't see a long line of witches, clowns, or vampires
streaming to our door, cauldrons in hand,
begging for treats; the Day of the Dead
comes tomorrow.

Once I answered the door with my
snarkiest witch's laugh
and terrified a little four-year-old
in a cuddly Pooh Bear costume.
No tricks. I hide that laugh
to rage against the darkest night, 
hoping for an end to pandemic,
hoping for light,
eager for election returns to go smoothly,
not a revamp of Halloween night.

"Day of the Dead" by OpenClipArt-Vectors on Pixabay

Today is the very last day of OctPoWriMo, led by the inspiring prompts of Morgan Dragonwillow, to challenge us to write a poem each day throughout October. I just barely made it. Along the way, what wonderful poems others have posted, a respite from the combined effects of election and pandemic.

Why not go read a few poems? And enjoy just a little candy on this quiet Halloween night!

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