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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

OctPoWriMo 7: Respite

A flower does not ring the doorbell,
engage in robocalls, talk over your fears,
tweet in the middle of the night.
This flower, a lily floating on a pond
in a corner of a Japanese garden, simply exists.
Does a flower have any awareness
of hot or cold? Does it lay out its petals
to seduce that bee to drift near?
Does a flower fear the coming snow?
Celebrate spring?
Life could be simpler.
Let us sit on this sheltered bench here in this garden
to watch the light play on the turning leaves.

Waterlily by GK von Skoddenheimen on Pixabay

Today's October Challenge (OctPoWriMo) to write a poem a day is a little late for today is IWSG's challenge to respond to their question of the month: Are you a working writer -- or what? 

Somehow, the poem came along early this morning. Sending you moments of respite for the coming week, I hope you enjoy this little meditation on a garden that we love to visit throughout the year.


  1. I needed to read/hear this poem today. Thank you...

    1. Thank you . . . sometimes poetry gives us the gift of a respite.

  2. I really enjoyed this poem.

    1. Thank you for letting me know and for stopping by. Will we ever be caught up? I hope to read your latest poems sometime today, maybe that will be my respite!

  3. Wonderful! I've just come in from clearing various bits of the garden - taking down the cucumber leaves (wonderful crop) and the net off the cabbage family patch - finding ohl rabi that I thought had given up. There is wonder in a garden, if only we take time to let it appear. :)

    1. Thank you, Jemima, for this glimpse of your garden. We've downsized, so our 'garden' consists of two birdfeeders and a 2'x 6' slab of concrete behind a 'wall' of a shrub 8 feet high, a little enclosed garden of sorts. But the finches and sparrows come to visit. May your garden bring you more bounty before winter comes!

  4. Pretty! Thanks for co-hosting.

  5. And thank YOU for stopping by!