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Saturday, October 10, 2020

OctPoWriMo 10: Leaning into Fall

When are we ever ready for the change of seasons?
That single day when summer turns irrevocably to fall,
I dither and wish, for any cluster of reasons,
hoping this once, I could stop time and stall
this moment, the passing of years
frozen, the lines on your face smoothed out.
I do not watch your every step, my fears
covered over with smiles, hiding each doubt;
even as the leaves drift brown to the ground,
at all we’ve shared, I remain spellbound.

Hiking along Dishman Hills 

Today's walk brought gray skies, a brisk wind, more leaves on the ground, and an awareness that, in another month or two, we'd be walking in the snow and facing into another year. 

Good news for those in Washington State: Our ballots arrived in the mail. Just a little over three weeks to the election!


  1. Nice! And yay for ballots and the chance to do something!

  2. A very touching poem...although there are times we wish we could stop time, it can be too painful to dwell upon and then we would miss so much not moving forward.

    1. Perhaps these days of pandemic make every day seem a little more fragile. Thank you for your thoughtful note, for we do move forward, willingly or not!

  3. Good luck with the post it now and hope it reaches its rightful destination in time. I like the way summer turns irrevocably to fall ,,,a type of reality going back...
    yet you remain spellbound...and that is why there are so many stories in you eager to escape:)

    1. Here in Washington State, we have a way to check that our votes have actually been received and counted, so I'm feeling pretty secure. And, everyone in the state votes by mail! No lines. Or poll watchers. Thank you. I hope those stories keep coming and that you keep writing.