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Monday, October 12, 2020

OctPoWriMo 12: Maybe a Mask

Maybe I should start merrily maskless 
to motivate others to move away, 
sort of motivate them, test their mettle,
meaning, through some marvel that
they (and I) could be more mindful
as we move through each day, a miracle
we don't share more. Mercy me,
my muttering mission messes
up this meditation. Do we merit more?
More magic, more moms muttering:  
to mask or masque, that is the question!
A mask on Mona Lisa?
Together merrily mature, we might miss
(mercifully?) this mind-blowing mobilization.
Even my mentor says: MASK!
A true majestic marriage of mind
over matter.  

Mona Lisa by Sumanley on Pixabay

Today, Morgan Dragonwillow admits she's having a hard time with the poetry prompt for OctPoWriMo -- to write a poem inspired by keywords: playful, childlike, silly. But I appreciate her work in setting up these prompts as tonight, I'm pretty tired from a full day, maybe too tired to try one of the recommended poetry forms: Zanila Rhyme or Tongue Twister. UPDATE: I went with the tongue twister!

In fact, I'm still smiling about what another OctPoWriMo poet, Australian Rallentanda, wrote a few days back with her poem, "You Have To Be A Genius or Greek."  Make it a good week!

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