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Friday, October 02, 2020

Octpowrimo 2: Time Travel


If I could travel back in time,
to that exact moment
when my mother and father had sex,
most likely after some wild party,
would I have wished to be born?
Maybe not.

I could easily forget my first three decades,
that is, until I met you some forty-six years ago.
Tonight, my gratitude spirals back in time,
to that tiny seed I once was,
and to our daughter who began one New Year’s Eve,
still a miracle. Such beginnings and, yes,
endings too,
take me to the only infinite I know,
reflected in your eyes.

Today marks the second day of October's writing challenge to write a poem a day. Can't say every day will bring a good poem, but this one was fun to write, reminding me in this time of challenge and chaos of what I cherish.

Poets & Writers posts prompts for those writing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. One of their poetry prompts: Write a series of short poems inspired by the concept of time travel. If you could go back or move forward in time, who would you see and what would you change?

And that beautiful image is by Beate Bachmann on Pixabay.


  1. Beautiful, Beth! Gratitude in time travel. I often think about how our parents gave us this precious life and how I’m thankful for that. :-)

    1. Good morning, Liesbet. How much our parents influence us, from genes to experiences. Yes, I'm grateful too.

  2. My mother told me she found me in a petunia patch...She was not telling me the truth...Thank you Beth.

  3. This is exquisite writing my friend. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL is all I can say! You have THE GIFT!