Friday, October 30, 2020

OctPoWriMo 29: Don't poke the bear . . .

Don't poke the bear in the cave,
sound advice my grandfather gave me.
Little did I think this would save
anything at all, let alone set me free
to wander far, to learn how to be brave;
somehow I lifted myself up from knee,
to run with full heart, no longer a slave,
reckoning my inner self's plea,
honoring the gift he once gave,
to simply be.

Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo and Morgan Dragonfellow winds inward to begin by writing "I am . . . " and take it in any direction at all. Morgan adds her own exploratory art work and invites us to celebrate this month-long journey. I'm still one day behind . . . and challenged to catch up. 

Image by Joaquin Aranoa (Pixabay)

About bears. There's something about the lumbering, ferocious, and, yes, dangerous bear that intrigues me. Once while hiking in the wilderness, we came upon a fresh bear track glistening on water-covered rocks, just minutes old. Reality check:  Do we turn back for the safety of the car or do we continue? We walked the rest of the trail to the very top and admired the vista of rolling mountains, our senses alert.


  1. Erm...we dont have those sort of bears down here but still have plenty of other things that will kill you. Fresh bear tracks ...
    I would have hot footed it back to the car...I am a safety of the car kind of person:)

    1. And those bear tracks were BIG! Fresh. Scared the tar out of both of us. The view was worth it. The trail was well traveled. Reminds me of another time hiking near Tucson, Arizona. We passed a young couple and told them to look out for the blonde tarantula close to the trail. They replied, "Keep an eye out for the rattlesnake up on the left!" I'm a fan of cars as well, though they're not always safe.

  2. Your grandfather was a wonderful influence in your life. You are so fortunate!