Friday, October 30, 2020

OctPoWriMo 30: I am . . .

What are mirrors for?
Reflecting and reflected, I seek
understanding in a drawing,
the lines tentative
when I want them to be bold.
Ah, behind glasses, I wait
for enlightenment,
for tomorrow,
maybe for the ending that will come
after so many days of living.
How did I manage this gift
of life and love
when all began in darkness?
I don't know.
I am grateful behind my glasses,
more grateful than you know.

Sometime in the 6th grade, I drew my first self portrait. The teacher wandered the classroom and stood behind me. She took my drawing and placed it against the blackboard. "Tell me what you see."  Her point? I had drawn my features all in pastels. Even from a short distance of a few feet, I was invisible. How could I tell her that this is how I saw myself? Invisible.

Today, Morgan inspired me with today's prompt to write an "I am . . . " poem. For the first time in many decades, her self portrait inspired me to draw again my own face. Just in pencil. Not looking in a mirror, but placing features just as I imagine them to be. Me. Older than average. Looking a little nerdy, but at peace.

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  1. So happy to know I inspired you to draw! I love both the poem and art!

    1. Thank you, Morgan, and thank you also for this labor of love you've brought us all. I have enjoyed those daily photos of your art journal you've shared through the month.

  2. Great likeness! I like the poem too. I get a sense of peace and acceptance from it.

    1. Thank you. I wasn't sure that underlying message came through. And thank you for visiting!