Monday, October 21, 2019

OctPoWriMo #21: Don't Go Screaming . . .

Don’t go screaming into the wind.
Boundaries and routines are meant to be tested,
and we test them.
Van Gogh knew this as he painted his way
into what others could not see.
Sometimes if we cross a line,
we can’t go back.
Perhaps we'll be measured by what we can accomplish,
by our failures, and by those times,
we give into sorrow and joy.

Vincent Van Gogh (Wikipedia)
I remember standing in the rain for three hours to see an exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh's works at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, several decades ago. Perhaps Don McLean's song, "Vincent," captures the essence of this artist's life and works, what it took to create his paintings, and his influence that crosses so many boundaries.

Tomorrow's prompt: Broken pieces.

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  1. Interesting insights into crossing the line. I love Van Gogh and to think he never sold a single painting in his life time.He is an inspiration to what is considered failure. Enjoyed your poem.

    1. Thank you. Your comment about Van Gogh being an inspiration to what is considered failure . . . hits at the heart of why I love his work and life, for he truly was perceived as a failure, but he remains, despite all, an inspiration.