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Saturday, October 19, 2019

OctPoWriMo #19: If I Could Dream . . .

If I could dream my way
into a purple sky,
at dawn or dusk, I’d admire
the stars all over again, dotting what unknown
trajectory, maybe the half-moon,
on its own journey, clouded with purple mist.
I could float my way
to a lavender-filled field, 
discover a bouquet of lilacs bursting with spring, 
even a single, dignified purple rose 
that marks more than farewell.
I’ll remember the color of your backpack as we hiked
around a mountain lake to watch the Northern lights,
sheets of green and purple falling over us,
promising the only gift that Nature gives:
this moment.

Girl Asleep in a Field of Lavender (Pixabay)

Tomorrow's prompt: Mountains or Oceans.

You can visit OctPoWriMo at to read what others have written. Thank you, Morgan DragonwillowMichelle VecchittoEsther Jones, and Maria L. Berg for hosting this month-long poetry challenge. 


  1. Beautiful imagery. Brings to mind so many memories.

    1. Thank you . . . colors, places, those who are close -- all celebrated.

  2. I love that last line the best, but the whole poem is lovely.

  3. Thank you! This one was fun to write.