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Sunday, October 20, 2019

OctPoWriMo #20: Yellow Tang

Deep in the wild blue sea,
somewhere off the islands of Hawaii,
the Yellow Tang saltwater fish,
its length a little longer than my hand,
swim along reefs anywhere from 6 to 150 feet deep,
hungry for algae, beaded on the backs of turtles,
like tears from a mermaid.
Perfectly balanced, its brilliant yellow
no camouflage, not even at night,
the males shimmer when they mate.

I could stare at such a fish for hours.
If its tiny brain has a goal,
would the Yellow Tang be aware of more
than warm water, the scent of algae?
Would this fish worry about tomorrow?
One day at a time; perhaps one hour?

Yellow Tang (Pixabay)

Tomorrow's prompt: Screaming into the wind.

You can visit OctPoWriMo at to read what others have written. Thank you, Morgan Dragonwillow, Michelle Vecchitto, Esther Jones, and Maria L. Berg for hosting this month-long poetry challenge.


  1. I could visualize the image. Beautiful expressions :)

    1. Thank you. I still can't decide if fish can 'smell' underwater, but I appreciate your comment.

  2. I loved learning about the Yellow Tang fish. I like the ending, it promotes further pondering!

  3. I will now, for ever wonder... :)