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Thursday, October 17, 2019

OctPoWriMo #17: Am I a Clone?

Am I a clone?
Woke up dreaming lines
from some forgotten life, 1-2-3 diversity:
My family a community
of quilters and writers, each stitching
our way into something new.

I have a nest and all the rest,
you, sweet kids, sweeter grandkids,
not suburbia, those tidy rows, ack!
Even my quilts don’t line up properly,
I’ve dropped a comma or two,
try to follow the news,
not too much because, I’d lose
whatever individuality I possess.

Isn’t that the point? I’ll confess,
I’ll cherish my family, my life each day I have,
Not counting to the end, just aware
I’m not a clone.

Not a Clone (Pixabay)

Inspired by my sci-fi writer/friend's first poem (see Sue Eller here), this poem flew off the keyboard. Thank you, Sue. And then today's news. I'm saddened to learn of the early death of Congressional leader Elijah Cummings, a stalwart voice for the unheard.

Tomorrow's prompt: First Time I Was Disappointed????

You can visit OctPoWriMo at to read what others have written. Thank you, Morgan Dragonwillow, Michelle Vecchitto, Esther Jones, and Maria L. Berg for hosting this month-long poetry challenge.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting. I hope you found today's poem a little lighter!

  2. I'm happy for your conclusion!

    1. Thank you! Of course, is it clear I was thinking of clones that were not quite human?

  3. Don't lose your that sentiment.

    1. Thank you, Odhran. For someone who graduated from high school in 1961, that 'individuality' meant I was pretty much on the outside, just in time for the women's movement -- and freedom from the values of the 1950's!

  4. Celebrating that we are NOT clones!! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog, reading and commenting. I hope you will keep the WordPress blog...only because it's easier for me to comment on your posts there, than jump the hoops here :) Best to you always.