Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

#6: Fall

Manito Park (Camp 2014)

Set the teapot aside.
Settle now by the window to admire
the change of colors: green to gold and red.
My gnarled fingers yet ache to write
words that seize this moment
of beauty and peace.
Generations of women, mothers to daughters,
sisters, and friends, all pass along this truth:
Every day, every age requires
tenacity and courage to choose
acts of love and hope that honor
this gift of life,
that nurture creativity in ourselves and others,
no matter how tiny these actions appear,
no matter how few the days.
Soar, leaves, and swirl,
as free and timeless as any bird,
as loved as any child.

Autumn Leaf Child by Philippe Put (Flickr)

Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo was to explore the links between freedom, courage, and happiness. Whew! I certainly wandered around awhile before finding this poem. I think it takes much courage to be a creative person AND to be a good person, goals we strive for and may not always achieve. But there is always beauty and hope.

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