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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#20: Sometimes morning . . .

Sometimes morning
comes too early,
or late,
or not at all.
Darkness moves in:
the shadows of intention rise up,
shaping what could be
into remorse.

The challenge remains
to simply breathe,
one breath at a time,
to notice first the flowering violets,
vibrant with purple and pale pink
in my winter office,
to set aside the clutter for later.
Instead, a meditation on now,
what is possible.
Outside the last fall leaves
shimmer golden in the sun.
Morning truly begins.

Sometimes I think that writers constantly wrestle with ways to make time for actual writing. Poetry, for me, involves that focusing inward, almost a meditation that seems impossible to schedule. Yet without discipline or a timeline of some kind, how do we find those words that reach to the essence of what we are trying to communicate? Perhaps today is the hope. If not today, perhaps tomorrow. As the sages have told us, “It is not required of you to finish, but you must start.”

Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo is a challenge, inspired by a quote from Lila Gifty Akita, "“I have accepted the challenge of life, to be all that I can possibly be.” Morgan Dragonwillow has added another level for we shy, introverted writers to embrace: To post a video or audio of our favorite poem. 

Check out what others have written HERE.

Maybe tune in later today to see IF I have met Morgan's challenge. 

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