Saturday, October 17, 2015

#16: Windows . . .

Why do I need to change?
Inevitably, inexorably,
Never is not an option.
Do not imagine this transformation is complete!
Oh, awe-ful moment!
Windows into the future,
Static no more.

An acrostic confirms I have joined the millions . . . and upgraded to Windows 10. So far, not too difficult. But now, when I’m writing in Word, these messages pop up on my screen, breaking my concentration, which as I am tired from today’s quilt show (over 500 quilts!!!!), is about as steady as a gnat. 

So here is my second, catch up haiku, today’s prompt from OctPoWriMo, on spending the day with my dear sister at the 37th Annual Quilt Show here in Spokane. The Haiku follows traditional syllables for each line 5/7/5, but doesn’t quite catch the sweetness of spending this day, the first in two years, with her.

A Haiku for my Sister

Five hundred quilts and
you, lovely, dazzling, sore feet.
Next time, stay longer!

"I Feel Like a Witch . . . "
My favorite quilt at the show, made by Marty Lou Weidman and quilted by Pam Clarke, is "I Feel Like a Witch If I Have No Time to Stitch." Mary Lou is a nationally recognized quilter; she has her own website and designs whimsical quilts that invite you to dance with fabric, smile, and create!

And here is my quilt, 12 blocks of pueblo pots, ready now to use after the show.

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