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Saturday, October 10, 2015

#10: Hesitation

Johnston Canyon, Banff (Summer 2015)
Sometimes we go ahead,
feeling hesitant about the risk, and yet
the bridge holds firm.
Far below, the river cuts deep through limestone
and the green water roils white.
I'm glad to have come this way
where few travel. The quiet spreads out
around us, broken only by the hiss
of the water below.

Today the sun is warm on my back.
I cannot imagine winter in this place,
the river landlocked with ice,
the jays and green-backed swallows long gone.
This may well be our last trip,
hiking along Johnston Canyon,
before that long journey home.

We did hike in Banff and Jasper this summer, doing research for my current book. I can't resist sharing some of the photos I took along that narrow trail up Johnston Canyon. Click on any photo to see it a little larger.

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