Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#13: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow . . .

"Last Sunday's Dawn Light" by Sandy Jensen
For every decade we've sought
the wilderness, 
around lakes, remote and near,
through forests, pine and cedar,
and made our nests in different towns,
learning new languages as we 
walked up and down cobble-stoned streets
in hilly towns located 
at the edge of the compass.
For every doubt I've had
about keeping up with you, 
only this remains:
We shared yesterday;
you are with me today.
Only a fool would grab for tomorrow,
but I hold hope
close to my heart.  

The most mystical walk we've had was around the base of that mountain in northeast Montana, famous for many reasons, but popularized by Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We followed the trail around Devil's Tower, called Bear Lodge by the Lakota, and long a national monument. 

At one point, the trail branched, and we decided to explore. A crow or raven flew against us on the path. It happened so quickly, we weren't sure which. But we persevered to discover the trail ended around a perfect tree; from its branches hung many prayer bundles. We reverently circled the tree and left quietly. Just ahead of us on the trail back, a cloud of butterflies escorted us to the main trail.

The picture above, taken by Sandra Brown Jensen, a former teaching colleague and digital storyteller, is one of her many inspirational photos and videos.

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Devils Tower (Wikipedia)

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