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Friday, October 30, 2015

#22: Ghoulish Senses

At the brink of Halloween,
fear skitters along the aisles
of shoppers, planning parties,
or seeking tricks
or treats, that chocolate cake
laced with spiders,
that bright orange pumpkin 
smelling of the grave,
and gummy worms
red and black that stick 
in the throat,
a sugary death
redeemed by melting masks
and an unrelenting howl.

Just today, I will wait for callers, 
begrimed with green
and a pointy, witch hat, 
reaching out with gnarled fingers
and a loud cackle to terrify
those who dare to knock
at my darkened door.

Bloody Halloween Cake
Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo is nearly the last prompt, though I am a little behind in writing a poem a day for October. We're asked to write a poem involving all five senses. 

But I've been inspired as well by Halloween. And though I write historical fiction, I saw a cake that has me thinking of a very dark tale, for I'm  tempted and wondering -- who would bake a cake like this?

Check out what others have written at OctPoWriMo. And have a delightful Halloween. Knock at a stranger's house, if you dare!

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