Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Friday, October 02, 2015

#2: Asssemblage

"House Sparrows" by Martha deJong-Lantik (Flickr)

Let the day begin
with carefully cut carrots,
celery, tomato, garbanzo beans,
black olives for contrast,
and sweet corn. I add garden
cucumber, summer tomato diced,
tossed over greens, your favorite,
a sprinkling of feta cheese, 
a snitch of basalmic.

Would that the rest of our days
could be so ordered.
And so I will remember these
preparations, mornings, noon, and night
as clearly as the words between us no one knows,
as fleeting as the five house sparrows 
that followed me on my early morning walk.

What would I say or do
if I had two years and eight months left
to live with you?
I’d rather not know.
I’d rather take each day as a gift:

Day 2 of OctPoWriMo. Are you writing a poem a day for the month of October? Please share!

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