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Sunday, April 19, 2020

April 19: A word or two from Shakespeare

If I were to resolve
that moment when
an embrace became a bump,
leaving me lonely, 
howling against the dark, dark night,
then I would be Shakespeare,
a fixture on the stage, pacing
back and forth, mourning 
that damned spot,
and crying, "Out! Out!"

Shakespeare by JJ Jordon (Pixabay)
Not every thought is sun-filled on Day 48 of quarantine. Today's prompt from Robert Lee Brewer of Writer's Digest fame (and celebrating that commitment to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month), asks us to write a poem around six words that Shakespeare invented:  Resolve, bump, embrace, fixture, howl, and lonely. The result is a little dark, for I haven't read Shakespeare in decades. But I do remember the shock of Lady MacBeth (not a namesake).

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  1. Oh, OH...FABULOUS! Few pregnant words and mountains of meaning! I love it!