Wednesday, April 15, 2020

April 15: Dreaming

These days, we stay inside, quarantined,
except for that mandatory excursion
for groceries or prescriptions.
A daily walk is encouraged, ten blocks
up to the pond, a tally of birds just
beginning to nest, their mating colors
match their calls, vibrant, echoing.
Red-winged Blackbirds and
Yellow-headed Blackbirds argue over
who has possession of the reeds.

But, I want to fly,
not just in memory. I want to return
to the mountains, to sleep in a tent,
even if it’s raining, to hear night
rustles and to find a bear track in the morning.
I want to wander the Louvre once again,
drink café au lait sitting at a street-side cafe,
with you beside me, and fall in love
all over again.

"Girl on a Swing," by Composita (Pixabay
Today's prompt comes from Robert Lee Brewer who asks us to write about a dream. I'm hungry to just walk out of my apartment, visit friends really, and not virtually, and go somewhere else for a time, without thoughts of pandemic or worry about the world.

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  1. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL evocative poem. Such lovely imagery, "blackbirds arguing over who has possession of the reeds." Your poem shows such yearning. I love it!!!