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Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for WOWSER -- A Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well, today on the A to Z Challenge, we have reached the letter "W" and are nearing the end of April. 

To celebrate gaining over 20,000 hits on my blog AND to say thank you to you, dear readers, I'm offering one paperback copy of The Mermaid Quilt. This is an experiment. I've never used Rafflecopter before. This raffle program is free and supposedly easy. Enter, and if you win, I will alert you by e-mail and snail-mail you my book.

But this doesn't mean we're off the hook for a poem for "W". Here's today's effort.

What? You want to WIN?
Wasn't it enough that spring has finally
shaken winter cold from your bones?
That violets bloom purple-red and pink?
That cherry blossoms now pull
birds from the sky with promises
not yet kept?
Even I, standing to the side,
straightening my glasses in sun's glare,
all too aware of the season's turn,
would like that sweet moment of heart's ease.

Read what others have written for NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge.

So I'm really curious. Did you enter the contest?

Apple Blossoms (Camp 2013)


  1. I didn't enter to win. I just bought.
    My disclaimer is: I have bought a lot this A-Z and will begin reading in May. Who knows when I will get to them all. My TBR pile has never been this large, but I've never been more excited about tackeling it.

    I have not looked at my card to see the damage I have done. I don't care. I am so excited to read all the offerings of my new bloggy friends.

    I was going to look today but convinced myself to wait until A-Z was over. It was only one month. How bad could it be? :)))

  2. Hello, Jai. Thank YOU for supporting all the writers whose books you've purchased. I wish you many happy hours of reading. This give-away is my first ever, a real experiment just to see if I could figure out how to do it. I met yesterday with another writer who said that marketing takes way too much time away from actual writing. Whew! I think I'd rather write. Or read! :)