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Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vexing . . .

April winds down,
and I find myself adverse to verse. 
No found poems,
no verisimilitude, no vaunting
of vectors. Not even a tangent;
writing is simply vexing.
I view what others have written,
a voyeur perusing other 
un-vanquished poets. "Volta! -- turn about!"
Spring vibrates in each 
apple blossom outside my window,
victuals for my soul that's 
vegetarian at heart,
no meat, no blood, no bones,
no violence. 
I'm safe in this third-floor
apartment. Not even the fire department
could break down my door.

Ha! Did it! Day 25. Now off to read what others have written.
NaPoWriMo asks you to write a sea chanty or a ballad and A to Z Challenge closes April with encouraging words.

Just for fun, here's a sea chanty I wrote for Years of Stone (1840s Van Diemen's Land). It was fun to try the rhythm of a work song, and I'm ready to jump back to the writing . . . for real!

‘Oh, say was you ever in Van Diemen’s Land.
Down by the Derwent, the girls take your hand,
You’ll forget the storms and the rising seas,
When Sally and Sue come sit on your knees. 
Dance down the night, boys, till the tide turns,
For yer bound ‘round Devil’s Point, n’er to return.’ 

Devil's Point is now called Ship Stern Bluff, a most dangerous place in Tasmania where wave tossed surfers gather, where ships once sailed, and where the great white shark yet gathers.

Ship Stern Cove (Wikipedia)