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Monday, April 15, 2013

L is for Lollygagging . . .

If ever warmer days 
finally replaced the cold 
that sinks in my bones, 
I would leap out of my mummy-bag, 
celebrate with a plethora 
of dandy-lions, 
their manes tossing
like tissues as I sneeze 
again and again. 
I would embrace the now! 
Stop lollygagging with the last gasp, 
the last hangover of winter, 
this dratted cold.

Today's poem comes from seeing dandelions yesterday in a very short walk and then 28 degrees last night and waking with a cold this morning. A spring cold. 

I learned that the word dandelion comes from Old French, dent-de-lion (lion's tooth), that dandelions actually are considered a healing herb (especially to soothe the stomach), so perhaps dandelion tea is called for, or a beer at The Dandelion Pub in Philadelphia. 

And, of course, that "L" word, lollygagging, meaning to waste time aimlessly, a goal I have not achieved.

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