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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"O" is for Ovation

Let us sing an ovation for this day,
resounding applause for this morning, 
a gray beginning
we can transform 
with any color we choose.
I'm remembering a young girl in a wheelchair
who wrote a book of poems about dancing,
her metaphor, one of movement.
Maybe that's the answer as we fight against
illness, inner and out, that we will seize this day,
this moment, this now, and celebrate
with bright yellow daffodils just beginning
to bud away the gray.

Do we search for omens
to give us direction? Fret about
headlines that spark and slither
with threats of bombs and betrayals,
new facts, each moment slightly different,
all hinting at chaos?
Time to look within: We can choose
our actions and our intentions.
Well, most of the time, we can learn
from the past. We don't need money or time
to begin anew, each act of trust
a promise, a celebration
of what gifts we do have (large or small)
to make our world, this world we share,
a little better today.

Today's poem for April's A-Z Blogging Challenge came from the color of the sky this morning. I could say at least it's not snowing, but the trees are not green yet, the shrubs have no leaves, and the buds are still tightly closed against this cold April morning. Each day offers us an opportunity and a time of re-commitment, renewal, and transformative change. No matter who we are, young, old, able to leap small buildings or not, let us remember our dreams, yes, truly large and small, and work to bring them about. If not for ourselves, maybe for the children.

"Hands" by Denise Docherty
(Free Images/Getty)


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