Monday, April 09, 2018

H is for Happiness . . .

Happiness is sitting in a hotel room by the patio window,
Outside a small sailboat, moored by the pier,
rests ready to go fishing up the Columbia Gorge.
On either side of the river, the hills
(Easterners would call these mountains),
are tipped with pink against a yellow sky.
Those gray streamers shift and
change in the steady wind of early morning.
The sky lightens, and traffic thrums across the bridge,
commuters early to work,
But here, laptop nearby, I watch the river, 
its surface calm,
yesterday’s whitecaps not even a memory.

NOTE: Today's entry for the A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge reflects my sense of safe haven. We found this lovely hotel along the Columbia River after driving down 4.5 hours from Spokane. We're now in a more temperate zone. The trees and shrubs along the wayside actually have green leaves! Yesterday's blustery wind made the driving challenging. I swear we landed at the hotel and collapsed immediately for a nap! This morning, the river is calm, and we'll continue on to Portland, ready to see friends. Meanwhile, for just a little while longer, I have the quiet of the river.

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