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Saturday, April 14, 2018

"M" is for Memory, Macaroni, and all Things Maudlin

I wanted to start this morning with macaroni,
that despised twist of powdered yellow cheese and
funny flat noodles that lay congealed on plates
from the night before so many years ago
when there was nothing else to eat.

Instead my memories turn to yesterday,
those five fabulous women who came to drink coffee with me
and nibble on croissants. For those few moments, we shared
all that had passed in the last decade, a word or two,
smiles, embraces, connections never severed. We know
truly nothing and everything about each other, a turn
of the word, a visit now and then, yet we were together
in that timeless way. No tears as decades pass,
our time is short, but we pretend the future spreads
out before us, as untrammeled as spring.

And now I am drunk with memory. I regret nothing,
even as I construct a peaceful life, far from you all, my
dear friends, you are with me.

The Two Fridas, 1939 (Wikipedia)

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