Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"J" is for Jaguar

A few years ago, we followed our guide through the steamy and hot ancient site of Tikal in Guatemala. We climbed nearly to the top of one of the ancient ruins there, marveling at the steepness of the steps and the intricate carvings of glyphs.

Entertained by the cries of howling monkeys and shrieking parrots, we were all stunned to silence by a loud roar.

Suddenly, the rain forest around us was quiet.

Our guide reassured us. "All is well," he said. "It's unusual to hear a jaguar during the day, but he's about five miles away."

But the jungle remained quiet.

"We'll just stay here for a while," our guide said.

Very slowly, the sounds of the jungle around us resumed. We were quite happy to stand at the top of this old Mayan pyramid, peering out into the underbrush that covered the ground, and wondering if we would catch a glimpse of this amazing and feared predator.

Jaguar (Wikipedia)
For each trip we've taken, we've experienced something unexpected. This jaguar roar was unique. Unforgettable. Something to remember once we are safe at home, grateful once again for running water, doors that lock, and wildlife that stays in the forest.

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