Friday, April 13, 2018

A-Z: Inspired by "L"

Last night, I walked lost along a lakeside trail,
feeling the lack of something, a half-forgotten
lullaby linking me to this shallow pool,
almost a lagoon, dark and deep, when
a reflection of the moon
floated on the low waters.
The lovely distraction shimmered
before me, a lesson unlearned, an unfolding
legacy, as I loitered, lured closer
to a ledge, all too ready to launch myself
and leap, when the light illumined a lowly cave,
where a lady lay, lush and lazy,
her lyrics lost in sleep, her allure a promise
of something within us all,
a lovely creative light,
that urge to make something new.
With a lilt to my step, I'm loathe to leave
this lovely dreamlike lake, my lesson learned,
I've left the labyrinth of doubt, 
filled with light,
renewed, alive, and loved.

Ophelia by John Everett Millais (Wikipedia)
I don't always associate this well-known and well-loved painting of Ophelia with drowning and death (and Shakespeare), but the image remains so full of promise, a hint at the unknown, and perhaps of beginnings rather than endings. We've had a long winter this year. I'd rather write about spring.

Today's poem for April's A-Z Blogging Challenge came from playing around with words that begin with "L". 

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