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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A to Z Challenge: A is for Anachronistic

I unwind into morning,
fingers curled over the keyboard,
too aware of decades lost,
almost anachronistic.
Yet April begins another spring,
I am here, in this place and time,
and I am writing.

April 1 begins the first day of the A to Z Challenge, and I'll join 2,000+ other bloggers with that commitment to write every day, inspired on day one with the letter A.

My themes will be mostly scattered as my office is these days, too many projects -- writing and quilting, but this has been a long winter, and the snows have finally, finally melted. Even my African violets have begun to bud.

I will try to write a poem a day.

I write historical fiction, immersed in mid-19th Century. One novel has been self-published. The second is in final editing. Another awaits in the earliest of reading and research phases. But I begin to know that plot. The characters already have hopes and dreams; their doubts are surfacing. I will do some research/reading, but my primary writing goal for April will be to finish the edits on Years of Stone.

If you are a blogger participating in the A to Z Challenge, may you find inspiration each day!
We each will be reading what others have written, up to 10 each day. Read what others have written here! Or check out A-to-Z on Facebook.

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  1. Loved your A poem! My grandmother use to make amazing patch quilts.