Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for X-rated . . .

Don’t look,
writer at work,
netbook balanced on her lap,
wires everywhere,
story unwinding,
connected, disconnected:
the sun shines bright
through the motel window,
early morning quiet
after a night of strangers
talking loudly down the hall,
bumps and thumps through the wall,
X-rated, some one else’s story.

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  1. Probably just as well it is someone else's story! Great take on 'x'

  2. I agree with Sally. Though with a title like you chose for your post certainly intrigues! Glad to meet another poet in the A-Z!

    Laurel's Leaves

  3. I like it I like it but why were you in a motel writing? I want to go find a hut in the forest somewhere and write for a few days uninterrupted.

  4. perfect encapsulation of things that go bump in the night at a motel! you've done an excellent job with the challenge. amazing poetry =)

  5. Thanks fr stopping by at my blog during the challenge Beth :) xx