Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Someday . . .

I'm meeting my daily commitment to editing. But I can tell when I'm falling behind, for I don't water my African violets, and they're really pretty. Someone once told me that flowers emerge when the plant feels threatened. Maybe that's why they are purple gorgeous. So, do I water the poor little things or write a poem?

I won't care to write,
but it's not tonight;
the African violets
will have to wait.
Meanwhile, I will ignore
that high-pitched hum, tinnitis, 
for the humming of this story:
my characters battle enemies 
within and without,
ward off omens, 
ignore the raven's last cry,
sail to new lands, 
and awaken renewed. 

My African violets (Camp 2012)


  1. What lovely violets! And a lovely poem too. My "somedays" include travel and getting back into art.

  2. Thanks for visiting and writing a comment. My passion is traveling is well. I think all writers have some art within, perhaps that's why we try to paint with words.