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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for napping . . .

Close your eyes,
sink into pillows.
Don't set that alarm. 
Let the sun 
burn a hole in you,
or maybe just roll over,
cat nap the afternoon away, 
a nap without dreams.
Fifteen minutes,
twenty minutes
can make
you whole.

I thought about writing a poem about the importance of saying no, but I'm too tired. Napping sings its own song to me tonight. Researchers add that caffeine and napping can increase alertness and performance, though some look on napping as a weakness, a luxury for children and the elderly. And some folks can only sleep in their own beds.

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Stella the Cat, Philadelphia (Camp 2009)


  1. Napping!!! I love it! I have a nap, every day. Unless it is a super busy day.

    I'm 38 and a proud napper!!

  2. I like to indulge in a short nap in the afternoons but I only do it when I am on my own and wouldn't openly admit it.

  3. Napping is a very good thing to do. I often say "I'm just going to read a while" and then ...zonk...I'm having a nap.