Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25: Celebrate . . .

Today, we walked too far
along a path well known,
a steep incline
just below the tree line of pines.
Instead, I will celebrate with you,
one day at a time.

Trail near High Drive, Spokane
(Camp 2013)
Today's Octpowrimo prompt asks us to celebrate. Read what others have written here.

We really did walk too far on this steep trail, but I haven't missed a day yet for the October poetry challenge, so my offering is short today.


  1. I just wrote a poem about my father. We loved to go hiking and sometimes we ended up on trails that were questionable.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Wanda. This particular trail took us up to the top of a hill (the shortest, steepest way), and right through a posted NO TRESPASSING area, with lots of downed trees. I was grateful when we finally reached our car. Definitely a questionable trail.

  2. Lovely. I admit that sounds like a perfect celebration...makes me want to hike somewhere.