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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Oct 2: Poetry hides . . .

Poetry hides
in some elusive spot
between my fingertips and
that landscape now

before me.
Outside the sun rises,
bright against the darkest night
when my heart goes

I turn
to pink skies dawning,
the earth twirls in its own dance;
my poem takes its

Camel Butte, Monument Valley (Camp 2007)
Today's prompt asks us to discover where poetry hides. Just for fun, I played with structure, so this poem follows syllables-per-line in this order: 4-5-7-4-2-1. I haven't written poetry in quite a while. I like to tie a poem to a photograph. Somehow the photo in my mind that would match this poem is more of swirling sunrises, yet this picture taken in Monument Valley catches the sense of journey and seeming simplicity. And this was a fun way to begin the day.

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Are you writing a poem a day for October?


  1. Your words had me smiling. Love the images it evokes.

  2. Sorry, forgot to leave my link in the last comment. It won't let me? I love this poem, very well done.

    Shah X

  3. The muse hides...but it always comes back. Thank Goddess for that, right? Loved this.

  4. Now you have me wondering where does poetry call "home"? I love when a poem can push me to ask more questions because questions lead to more poems! :)

  5. Lovely! I like to think of a poem taking a journey all its own. :)

  6. Thank you all for visiting! I've tracked you down and read some wonderful poems tonight. Shall we all meet tomorrow?

  7. Nice! The music wandered with the progression of the images...yrs, I'll meet you here tomorrow!

  8. I'm digging people's opening lines today and, on yours, I love that whole first stanza bleeding out into the second, such a beautiful image. That IS where poetry've nailed it!

  9. Lovely poem. I feel the earth's dance in your final stanza. Thanks for explaining your structure play. I find it interesting to learn how folks are going about what they do. xoA

  10. I love the sense of travel - the quiet adventure... the looking for what? Not quite sure... and Utah is absolutely glorious, isn't it?! I'm so glad you are back with us, writing your poetry again.