Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Saturday, October 05, 2013

October 5: Memory Song for Samantha

Of course I remember you, dear.
After all, today I have my list.
It's the betweens I'm forgetting.
People frown, but I don't know
all the words anymore.
Where did Samantha go?
Chasing flowers with a net or was it
butterflies last summer in that green garden
on what street?
Or were we children in a field
of lavender, purple on every side.
I remember tea with Grandmama
on her verandah, overlooking those wide-spaced
fields, purple vines stretched in every direction,
rows and rows, and we so polite,
dressed in white, sipping hot peppermint tea.
Where was I?
Rocking here, talking with you,
and looking at my list,
Doctor's this morning. I remember that.
They say I need more medicines.
They'll tell me what and when.
I don't know anymore.
Where did Samantha go?

Lavender Fields in Tasmania,
Bridestowe Estate
(National Geographic)
Today's poem came from the OctPoWriMo prompt to write a poem a day for October in list form. I played with that idea. Read what others have written here.