Thursday, December 10, 2020

Normal? Not normal?

For far too many of us, 2020 will remain that year we wished were different.

Each time I think that life has somewhat returned to normal, as normal as life during a pandemic can be, something happens that shakes me. Friends sick with Covid or other serious illnesses, the situation made more difficult with restrictions on how we may visit. Political shenanigans that make it nearly impossible for friends and family to talk honestly. 

Yesterday rattled me once again. For, here in Spokane, a young man took a backpack with a suspected pipe bomb and a political manifesto to the building where my daughter works. Somehow, a courageous office worker called 911. Police barricaded the busy streets for hours. Today, calm has returned. And a young man has been charged with arson.

But, I'm left with questions. Is this our new reality? If we can't get our way via voting or the courts, if we feel no one is truly listening, then violence is ok? 

No. Violence is not a solution. Nor is bullying or making fun of other people.

I'm grateful for the quick actions of the Spokane Police Department and the equally prompt statements of support from the city and both Democrats and Republicans. Today, Rachel may be able to go back to work. Today, life may return to whatever 'normal' is during this pandemic. 

And we're back to the mantra: Stay safe, social distance, wash hands, and wear a mask. New? Sign up for that vaccine when it's available. 

Let us hope and work for a better 2021.

A view of Spokane Falls by Mark Wagner


  1. Hi,
    This year has been a challenge for all of us. No doubt. I want to see things move on. I don't see a way for us to go back to the way things were, but there is a way to move forward if we began to think of others and not just of ourselves. To learn and practice respect to all mankind is not hazardous. In fact, it is downright healthy, if we would learn to do that.
    Wishing you a blessed third Advent.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

    1. Thank you, Pat, for your kind thoughts. My hopes are that 2021 will lead us all to think more of others.

  2. Wow, Beth! That’s scary and almost personal. It’s good to live in a state like Washington, if you ask me.

    We can all talk forever about the political climate and how people are following a bully and a lier and how they believe the “fake news” of the guy who “invented” fake news. Yeah, don’t get me started.

    I’m glad peace has somewhat returned in your city and I keep my fingers crossed it will stay that way. Nothing is predictable anymore and I think that’s one of our biggest concerns...