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Thursday, October 06, 2016

#6: Tantalizing . . .

The Pap Lady by Charis Tsevis

So it begins: We women
have our own routine as we prepare
for the day. Yet, we tantalize
as we infuse each act with beauty.
From such small moments,
we shape the world for our children
and our lovers. Maybe
we take scraps from between
to make something of beauty
out of ourselves,
for ourselves
and those we love. 

Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo, that challenge to write a poem a day, asks us to explore the meaning of "tantalizing." 

Late last night, a quilting friend posted the amazing work of Charis Tsevis on Facebook. Tsevis, a Greek artist, uses small squares to create the most 'tantalizing' and stunning prints that look as if they have been quilted. He recently created a series of prints for the American house at the 2016 Olympics. See more of his work HERE.

So what is tantalizing about his work? I thought it had been quilted, and I thought a woman created this image. Surprise. As a quilter, I was first drawn to the creativity of color and design shown in Charis Tsevis' prints. But to write this poem, the woman herself and her beauty in daily routine became the focus. Tsevis' work is shown online; I've written for permission to use it here.

Meanwhile, are you writing a poem a day for OctPoWriMo? Click HERE to read what some 70 poets have written today. And now I don't know whether to write or quilt!

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