Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#11 Where did 'determined' come from?

Fight or flight never meant much to me.
Sometimes you stand and take it.
Sometimes you run.
They can't hit you if you keep moving.

Just maybe there's a happy-ever-after
in the week or year ahead.
More likely, someone will tease you
for wearing a sweater with holes.
I practiced being invisible
sitting in the back row, hiding 
behind glasses,
but they still saw me.
I was lucky I was tall.

Now folks say I have an unforgiving nature,
the old two strikes, blah, blah.
Don't push. 
I'm getting out.
Just call me feisty
and determined.

Dressed up and determined.
Writing a poem a day for October seems to happen either early in the morning or late at night. Today's dark little poem comes in response to the prompt from Poets on the Page for OctPoWriMo. The prompt began with a quote from Douglas Macarthur, "Life is a lively process of becoming." Explore your relationship to one of these words: lively, spirited, gutsy, determined, feisty, zealous. And the first line just popped out. 

Why not go see what others have written HERE? We up to nearly 80 poetry writers! Surely someone had a happier vision?

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