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Sunday, October 02, 2016

#2: The Blank Page . . .

The blank page,
now the blank screen,
is rather like the sky at dawn,
that gray-blue with hints of sunlight 
at the horizon that spills into morning.
Possibilities, endless, really
a matter of choice,
first, one word,
the next and
the next,
to build meaning, a connection, some
sense of order out of chaos,
some way of making
sense of this day,
this precious

Today's prompt from OctPoWriMo, that challenge to write a poem a day, asks us to consider the void, what happens when we writers cannot write. I'm not sure I have a response other than to say when the writing becomes more difficult, the words hidden, I try to persevere. Poetry is like an embellishment for me. Stories tell the whole through characters and conflict; poetry turns a word, helping me dive into meaning.

Click HERE to read what some 70 poets have written today, or join in. Write a poem in response to the prompt or just leap into the void. Celebrate the creative spirit!

Picture: Lake Chelan (September 2016).

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