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Friday, April 17, 2015

"O" is for Online . . .

Do they have wifi?
We're on the road,
a different place each night,
but still connected, I think,
and protected, that upward link
to those I love. 
So busy, inbox full,
all those projects half completed,
smart phones humming,
slide fingers to discover
new options. Wait! I have just
the right answer here
. . . at my fingertips.
Were you listening?

Actually, my phone is dumb
and dumber;
we're unplugged
except for once a day.
Maybe this poem
is all that keeps me

Short poem today for that Blogging A to Z Challenge HERE, as another hotel breakfast awaits, then a little packing and a drive south to Corvallis. If it's Friday, that means just one more day before Portland. And here are two wonderful photos found on Flickr by Wendell, the first taken near Corvallis, Oregon, and the second, also by Wendell, for a friend I'll see later today who loves birds.

"A Chance of Rain" by Wendell (Flickr)

"Make Room" by Wendell (Flickr)

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