Beth Camp Historical Fiction

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22: At random

I feel nearly invisible
In my own skin 
as we rush to complete
Photo of L. M. Montgomery,
taken at random,
a woman traveler
our list before we leave.
Snow is expected Sunday,
but we pack for Africa,
a trip almost at random,
the first in nearly two years,
our suitcases half-full,
What do I take?
What do I let go?
Three weeks, impossibly short
for travelling, yet
too long to be away.
I only know we are going,
you have the tickets, the map,
you know the way.

Today's Octpowrimo (an poem a day in October) prompt asks us to have fun, to play with random facts (such as the brain of a Neanderthal is bigger than a human brain). But my head is full with plans and packing for we actually do leave for Africa this Sunday at 6 am and a great snow storm is expected. When we retired, we thought we would travel at least for seven years, living here and there at random, but two years ago in Costa Rica, Allen had a stroke. Everything changed.We came home, and I have learned finally perhaps the greatest lesson: that every day is precious.


  1. Oh, yes--every day is precious. I love the surrender in this poem, Beth.

    1. Thank you for reading. This has been a hard lesson, but each day brings joy.

  2. "What do I take?
    What do I let go?"

    Poignant in light of your personal history.

    I also enjoy you included that random photo of Lucy Maud Montgomery. She looks like she is about to embark on a trip somewhere, doesn't she? :~)

    Happy Monday!

    1. Hello, Julie. Thanks for stopping by and for including Lucy Maud Montgomery's full name (Yes, I loved her dreamy look and found the pic on today's octpowrimo site). A book on my to-read shelf is Jane Robinson's "Unsuitable for Ladies" An Anthology of Women Travellers," organized geographically and which includes some intrepid Victorian travellers. Beth