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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17: San Miguel de Allende

Who could forget walking your cobblestoned hills,
the surprise of history in carved wooden doors
and dark, aged, stone Gothic churches,
the cacophony of market day,
the wonder of dancers at fiesta
with fireworks strapped on their backs,
spiraling stars through the crowd?
The flakes of pastry that clung to our fingers,
the sweet smell of rosemary and marguerite from our garden,
as we sat on the patio roof of our rented house,
watching the sky turn pink with memory?

San Miguel de Allende (Rosewood)
Today's Octpowrimo poetry prompt is inspired by Maria Ranier Rilke's reflections on Venice and Florence and asks us to bring a place to life. Simply that. I remembered our days in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, when all was new. These are cherished memories. Read what others have read HERE.

ROW80 Weds Update: Inspired by how other writers participating in ROW80 (A Round of Words in 80 Days) report their progress, I made a weekly chart to show this week’s goals only and can report (Yahoo!), that in spite of deadlines and commitments everywhere, I’m writing daily on my work in progress, writing a poem daily for Octpowrimo, reading James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure, and posting in Twitter. Biggest challenge this week was to work on the marketing plan. Very slow going here, but because I am accountable Weds and Sun, I took the plunge and pitched a reading to a writing group. Thank you!  May your week go well.


  1. beautifully drawn, Beth.

  2. Beth - I felt like I was there! And I love the way you worked the ROW update in at the end!

    I've enver been to Mexico- and I want to go more than ever, now! =D

  3. Wow! I love your poem, I felt like I was there. :)

    Love how you incorporated the ROW80 update. I've found that doing a weekly chart instead of a monthly or the full 80 days has helped me keep on track, even when real life gets in the way

  4. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Beth I love your poem and your update is exciting news! You are making great progress! Stay with it and may you find many treasures along your creative pathway.