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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18: Time

Chuck Segars said, “Calendars
are for careful people, not passionate ones.”
I imagine ripping a calendar apart,
tearing the pages away to those moments
that cannot be held by 24 hours
or measured tick-tock:
When you said, “Enough about
me, tell me about you.”
When you held our child
for the first time and crooned
you, my love, my center.
Yes, my life’s been ruled by work
commitments and deadlines,
all those hours of commuting,
totting up and keeping track,
I would rather walk with you along the wetlands,
morning or night, mesmerized,
I unfold myself to you and see
Van Gogh stars – infinity. 

Today's prompt from Octpowrimo asks us to explore a sense of time. Today marks the anniversary, just one year, of my sister's husband's death. I remain so aware that every day is precious. Read what others have written here

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