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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April National Poetry Month: #1 and #2

Already I'm behind in following Robert Lee Brewer's challenge to write a poem a day through Poetic Asides. Yet here are the first two poems for April, the first I've written in a very long time. Brewer provides the prompts, and we write. PAD means poem a day.

PAD Challenge #1: Communication

Al punto, together

Violin and viola, two musicians,
a man and a woman face each other,
al punto, together,
perfectly in tune and time,
fast, then slow, measures of
Bach, then Mozart,
and then Bach again.
The notes in phrases answer each other,
balance and circle round, counterpoint.
Each player nods to the other,
a pause,
each lifts a bow,
and music fills up the room.

PAD Challenge #2: Visitor

At first you are as nebulous
as a sonagram’s image
traced on a screen by an anonymous technician,
your heartbeat, faint but fast, 
a thump, thump, thump
that makes your parents stare at each other in wonder,
unable to forget the very essence of you,
nameless, temporarily floating inside,
filling a certain span of months with hope
and mystery, a future tiny child-to-be,
a visitor who will always be welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Those are both beautiful, Beth. I can't believe you are doing two challenges this month. Blogging madness, woman! I will be here to check, though, and whether it's a poem or a letter of the alphabet I know it will be worth my while.